On the 1st of may 2007 4E invite took over all activities from 4E technology.
Robert Vander Meulen, managing director, is already active for more than 15 years in the audio-visual industry.
4E technology had, since its foundation in 1988, built up an excellent reputation in the Belgian audio-visual sector.

The founder, Miel Engelen, was as engineer involved in various turnkey projects in Belgium and abroad:
the establishment of the audiovisual department at K.U.Leuven
the first Belgian satellite teleconference in the seventies
diverse European teleconference projects in the educational sector
outside broadcasting of the World Championships Athletics 1994 in Stuttgart
various projects for the Flemish television studio's, ...

By working on several projects for the main broadcasting companies 4E has helped to establish Flanders flourishing broadcasting industry and 4E invite wishes to continue this business model. The still growing list of established customers includes important national and regional broadcasters and production houses as well as prestigious enterprises in a variety of industries.
Please have a look here for a number of references.

Today 4E invite stands for a group of enthousiastic people with specific skills and high technological know-how.
together they guarantee an efficient and personal service for each customer.




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