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Regional Broadcasters
ROB tv
From te start of ROB TV 4E is a privileged and trusted partner in terms of concept, implementation and maintenance of technical infrastructure.
Regionale Media Maatschappij
RMM is the facilities company behind WTV and Focus. After the merger, 4E implemented the technical integration of the two stations in Roeselare. PICstory, the production company that is part of RMM, could count on 4E for the installation of an Avid Media Factory.
4E took care of the complete infrastructure of AVS.
In 2001 the company moved to a new studio complex. Again AVS called upon 4E's know-how for this new prestigious project.
TV Limburg
TVLimburg and 4E have a long history of working together. From the early start, 4E took care of the technical equipment. Soon, the concept of video-journalism became the central notion in TVL's approach to local television. Therefore they invested in a complete video IT system. TVL is also equipped with a digital news studio annex digital editing suits: e.g. AVID Newscutter editing suites, a Profile broadcast server system and three AVID MediaComposer post production cells. Recently, Belgian production company HAVANA and TVLimburg merged. Again 4E was one of the partners streamlining this integration.
TV Oost
From its start on TV Oost, formerly know as Kanaal 3, depended on the technical services of 4E. After Kanaal 3 was taken over by Concentra Groep in 2002, the revolutionary concept of Video-journalism was introduced. With this evolution, Kanaal 3 became internationally renowned. 4E realised their new studio complex in Dendermonde. A complete video-IT infrastructure with video-servers based on AVID-technology was installed.

Since July 2003, RTV is the owner of a state of the art studio complex. 4E contributed to the expansion and modernisdation for more than a decade of RTV. RTV has a complete digital studio-infrastructure, editing facilities and broadcast equipment


4E was responsible for the complete renovation of this Antwerp-based station in 1999. ATV-production is entirely digitised and works with Betacam.SX and a Profile broadcast system.

Post Production Houses
Ded's It
Studio 'Jack the Cutter'
Sultan Sushi
Studio 100
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